Man pages for talegari/forager
Compute auxiliary information (proximity, dissimilarity, outlyingness, depth) and imputation from tree ensembles on new data

distDistance matrix from unsupervised tree ensemble
dist_extractExtract distances between specified indexes from a 'dist'...
forageObtain various outputs using a trained tree ensemble on new...
foragerCompute auxiliary information (proximity, dissimilarity,...
forest_imputeImpute using a tree ensemble in un/supervised setting
forest_rfelightweight implementation of RFE using ranger
generate_synthetic_dataGenerate synthetic data for random forest
oob_errorExtract OOB error from a forest model
ooberror.randomForestExtract OOB error from a randomForest model
ooberror.rangerExtract OOB error from a ranger model
proximityProximity matrix from unsupervised tree ensemble
roughImputeUnsupervised median/mode imputation for dataframes
samplerSample a categorical or numeric vector using random or...
stack_imputeImputation by stacking complete and incomplete data
synthetic_forestGrow a tree ensemble on synthetic data
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