Man pages for tanerumit/hydrosystems
Tools for hydrologic and water systems modeling & analysis

abcdCalibrateCalibrate 'abcd' hydrology model
abcdQestABCD conceptual rainfall - runoff simulation model
annualizedReturnAnnualized costs from present value
binCenteredFind mid-points of equal-length bins
boxcoxInverseInverse Box-cox transformation
expandGridCreate a tibble from All Combinations of Factor Variables
expandGridDfCreate a tibble from the Combinations of data frames
extractPvalueExtract ANOVA p-value out of a linear model object
GetwaterYearWater Year function
GoodnessOfFitCalculate goodness of fit parameters
gridInterpolateInterpolation from 2-D matrix
hamonPETPotential evapotranspiration (PET) by hamon method
hargreavesPETPotential evapotranspiration (PET) by hargreaves method
kNearestNeigboorsK nearest neighbors (KNN) bootrapping
multiReplaceReplace multiple elements in a dataframe at once
piecewiseLmPiecewise linear regression
presentValueCalculate the PV from annual cash flows
renameColumnsRename data frame columns in a list of data frames
reservoirSimulationReservoir simulation model
sceDefaultsSet sceDefaults
SCEoptimShuffled Complex Evolutionary (SCE) Algorithm
waspIndex"Weighted Anomaly Standardized Precipitation" WASP index
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