Man pages for tarakc02/discoveryengine
A CADS Prospecting Tool

academicAcademic widgets
addressAddress based widgets
age_betweenAge widget
attended_eventEvent attendance widget
brainstorm_botSuggest widgets and codes based on search terms
check_outCheck out a single
contacted_entity_ofRetrieve the contacted entities from a list of contact...
contact_reportsFind contact reports
contact_text_containsFind contact reports that contain specific keywords/phrases
corp_hierarchyGet the parent/subsidiary corporation(s) associated with...
displayRetrieve a list of IDs from a listbuilder definition
fecFEC disclosure widgets
find_singlesSearch for a particular single using keywords
fund_areaFind funds with a particular area of giving code
fund_departmentFind funds with a particular department code
fund_minerFind donors to funds by keyword/phrase search on the funds
fund_text_containsFind funds by keyword/phrase search
fund_typeFind funds with a particular fund type code
gave_to_fundGiving to fund(s)
givingGiving widgets
has_affiliationAffiliation widget
has_capacityCapacity widget
has_interestInterest code widget
has_occupationFind people with a given occupation_code
has_philanthropic_affinityPhilanthropic affinity widget
has_philanthropic_interestPhilanthropic interest widget
has_positionFind people who have a specific position level code
has_record_typeFind entities with a given record type(s)
has_reunion_yearReunion year widget
householdHousehold a list of entities
in_suspect_poolFind entities in a given suspect pool
is_aSpecify entity type and status
job_title_likeFind entities based on keyword searches of their job titles
manualCreate a definition based on specific IDs
matrix_botBroaden a search using co-occurrence analysis
on_committeeCommittee participation widget
parent_childThe parent or child of a person
participated_inStudent Activity widget
played_sportFind entities who played a sport
portfolioPortfolio widgets
predictive_modelPredictive model widgets
publishPublish a Disco Engine single
radiusGeographic radius search
rated_bySearch by capacity rating researcher(s) and/or date(s)
received_awardFind entities who've received an award
related_toA relation of a person
research_minerFind entities based on keyword searches of their research...
show_singlesBrowse available singles
show_suspect_poolsBrowse all suspect pools
show_widgetsBrowse the widget registry
widget_forLook for widgets using keywords
works_atFind entities who work for a given employer(s)
works_in_industryFind people who work in a particular industry
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