Man pages for tarakc02/rbst
Persistent binary search trees in R

as.bstConvert a named vector or list to a bst
bstCreate a new binary search tree
ceiling_ofGet the smallest key greater than or equal to a given key
compare_defaultCompare two keys
containsDoes the tree contain a given key?
deleteDelete a key-value pair from a tree
delete_maxDelete the maximum from a tree
delete_minDelete the minimum from a tree
floor_ofGet the largest key less than or equal to a given key
heightThe height of a tree
insertInsert a key-value pair into a bst
is_balancedIs the tree balanced?
is_emptyIs the tree empty?
keysGet all keys (in order)
keys_betweenFind all keys between low and high
min_keyGet the smallest or largest key
mockbstCreate a mock bst object for testing and analysis
retrieveRetrieve the value associated with a given key
sizeGet the size of a tree
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