Man pages for taywater/pwdgsi
Philadelphia Water Department Green Stormwater Infrastructure

depth.volumeReturn Volume or Depth Input maximum depth and maximum volume...
get_legendGet Legend
marsBaroRasterPlotBarometric Pressure Raster Plot
marsCombinedPlotPlot hyetograph and water level plot on the same chart
marsDetectEventsIdentify individual rainfall events
marsFetchBaroDataFetch barometric pressure data for a target SMP, date range,...
marsFetchLevelDataFetch water level data for an SMP
marsFetchMonitoringDataFetch monitoring data for an SMP
marsFetchPrivateSMPRecordsReturn query results of private SMPs
marsFetchRainEventDataFetch rain event data for an SMP
marsFetchRainGageDataReturn a dataframe with rain gage data
marsFetchSMPSnapshotFetch data snapshot for an SMP
marsGapFillEventIDReturn a dataset with event IDs for zero-punctuated...
marsInterpolateBaroInterpolate barometric pressure with inverse distance...
marsRainfallPlotPlot hyetograph
marsSampleBaroSample Baro Data
marsSampleBaro_plotSample Baro Data for Plotting
marsSampleRainSample Rain Data
marsSaturatedPerformance_inhrSaturated Performance
marsSimulatedLevelSeries_ftSimulated Water Level
marsUnderdrainOutflow_cfObserved Orifice Outflow Volume
marsWaterLevelPlotObserved and Simulated Water Level Plot
marsWriteDraindownDataWrite Draindown Data to Database
marsWriteOvertoppingDataWrite Overtopping Data to Database
marsWritePercentStorageDataWrite Percent of Storaged Used Data to Database
marsWriteSaturatedDataWrite Saturated Performance Data to Database
monitoringdata_250SMP Monitoring Data
obs_250_allSample SMP Data
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
simulation.statsSimulation Stats
snapshot_250SMP Snapshot
stormReturn storm attributes
summary_250SMP Summary
yday_decimalFetch a decimal day from a datetime
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