Man pages for tbalan/frailtyEM
Fitting Frailty Models with the EM Algorithm

autoplotGeneric autoplot function
autoplot.emfrailPlots for emfrail objects using 'ggplot2'
ca_testCommenges-Andersen test for heterogeneity
emfrailFitting semi-parametric shared frailty models with the EM...
emfrail_controlControl parameters for emfrail
emfrail_distDistribution parameters for emfrail
emfrail_pllProfile log-likelihood calculation
EstepPerform the E step calculations
fast_EstepFast fitting of the E step
frailtyEM-packagefrailtyEM: Fitting Frailty Models with the EM Algorithm
laplace_transformLaplace transform calculation
logLik.emfrailLog-likelihood for 'emfrail' fitted models
plot.emfrailPlots for emfrail objects
predict.emfrailPredicted hazard and survival curves from an 'emfrail' object
residuals.emfrailResiduals for frailty models
summary.emfrailSummary for 'emfrail' objects
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