Man pages for tdeenes/eegR
A package to analyze EEG signals

addCaptionAdd caption to plot, and print it to the console
addressAddress in RAM of a variable
alignAdjust ERP curves by time warping
anovaRandomIndicesRandom permutations for 'arrayAnova' and 'tanova'
anovaTfceTFCE-correction of the test statistic
apermArrayArray transposition
argumentDeparserPass 'arg = .(key1 = value1, key2 = value2)' function...
array_Fast in-place transformation to an array (without copy)
array2dfTransforms an array to a data.frame
array2matReshape array to matrix with specified row dimension
arrayAnovaPerform ANOVA (potentially with TFCE correction) on arrays
arrayTtestPoint-to-point t-tests (potentially with TFCE correction) on...
arrayTtestAnovaUnited function for 'arrayTtest' and 'arrayAnova'
artifactRejectionArtifact rejection
artrejOptionsOptions for artifact rejection
as.NumericCoerce to numeric
assert0Assertion with NULL allowed
assignListAssign the elements of a named list to the enclosing...
autoConvertConvert (coerce) variables according to various schemes
avgBinCompute averages of bins on a dimension of an array
avgDimsCollapse data in array format across specific dimensions
avgTrialsAverage single-trials
baselineCorrBaseline correction
bindArraysCombine several arrays into one large array
centroidCompute centroids
chanInterpSpherical spline interpolation
chanNbFind channel neighbours
checkSubsetExpandGet 'dim_index' of the subset. and expand. arguments in the...
chunkifyCall a function on array chunks
collapseCollapse row or column elements of a matrix
colorizeMake image plots more colorful (only for ggplot objects)
combineCombination of is* conditions
compareLevelsCompare dimension levels
compFCompute F-values
compGfpCompute Global Field Power
complexplot2dviewPlot topography in complex layout
compPvalueTanovaCompute p-values and length-corrected p-values in TANOVA
compSumSqCompute sum of squares
compTanovaEffectCompute generalized dissimilarity
compZTanovaCompute effect size in TANOVA
consectrueMaximum number of consecutive TRUE values in each column/row...
convertParamsSetting the parameters for auto-conversion
coordinatesTransformation between spherical, cartesian and geographical...
cosAngleCosine of the angles between electrodes
decorateDimsAdd dimension names to a matrix or array with (partially)...
dim2multidimTransform a specific dimension of an array into a...
doExecute a function call not unlike ''.
dropDimsDrop singleton dimensions of an array
eegR-packageA package to analyze EEG signals
erpsAveraged ERPs in a visual word recognition experiment
expandIntoExpand array
extractExtract slots from arrayAnova, arrayTtest, or tanova object
extract.defaultDefault extractor
extractInteractionExtract interaction
fastUniqueFast version of unique for matrices
fillMissingDimnamesFind and fill missing dimension names and identifiers
findExtremaFind local/global peaks (maxima) and valleys (minima) of a...
findExtremaMatrixFind local extrema in column vectors
fnDimsCall a user-specified function on whatever dimension(s) of an...
forceOrthogonalForce orthogonality in a model matrix
getDoBackend'getDoBackend' returns the internal data of the currently...
imagePvaluesImage plot of p-values
imageValuesImage plot of channel values
importBVdatImport binary file exported from BrainVision
importOptionsImport options for importBVdat
isTest logical statements on data points
isCombineOperatorInternal function which combines is* functions
isExpandIntoExpansion in is* functions, with a fallback to repLen
isMainCompFnCall the internal function in is* functions on subsets and...
isStrictCheck if an is* function is strict or optional
isTtestRandomGroupsCreate random group memberships for independent samples...
listSCreate list with substituted names
marginalMeansCompute marginal means in an ANOVA design
mat2array(Back-)Transforms a matrix to an array. See array2mat as a...
matchArgArgument verification if there might be an "all" option
matrix_Fast in-place transformation to a matrix (without copy)
mergeArraysMerge arrays having common dimension identifiers
mergeDimsReshape array by merging specific dimensions
modelMeansCompute adjusted or unadjusted cell means in ANOVA designs
modelplotPlot results of t-test, ANOVA or TANOVA modeling functions
multiplotMultiple plot function
negateNegation for the is* family of functions
osTtestRandomSignsCreate random signs for one-sample and paired samples t-tests
parallelParamsSetting the parameters for parallel computation
peakAnovaANOVA on individual peaks
permParamsSetting the parameters for parallel computation
permPvaluesPermutation of the test statistic
plot2dviewPlot the topography of the signals
plotButterflyCreate butterfly plot with extras: highlighting and peak...
plotComplexVisualize ERP curves and scalp topographies
plotERParrayPlot ERP curves
plotMapPlot scalp topographies
preAnovaParameter checks and data preparation in 'arrayAnova'
prepare2plotData preparation mainly aimed at facilitating plotting in...
preSumSqPrepare sum-of-squares computations
preTtestParameter checks and data preparation in 'arrayTtest'
printPrint summaries of 'arrayTtest', 'arrayAnova', or 'tanova'...
project3dMapProject channel positions onto 2D plane
pvalueConsecCorrect p-values in time-series
rearrangeListRearrange two-level list
recodeDimnamesRecode dimension names
ReplaceReplace elements of a vector
repLenMatch the length of an object to an other object with warning
reqFnCheck for availability of packages
revMergeDimsReverse mergeDims transformation
rollFunCompute rolling (a.k.a. moving) window statistics
scaleArrayScale array across arbitrary dimension(s)
scaleChanScale channels
selectValuesSelect values from a vector, matrix or array
setattrSet attributes of objects by reference
setattributesAttach dimension and label attributes to test statistics
setDoBackend'setDoBackend' is identical to 'setDoPar', but returns the...
setSeedSet seed
sigPhasesInternal function to create time ranges of significant...
splitArraySplits an array along a given dimension
splitMarkerSplit concatenated strings.
subsetArrayExtract or replace a part of an array
subsetIndicesCreate subset indices for subsetArray
summaryCompute summary statistics for 'arrayTtest', 'arrayAnova', or...
summary.eegrWorkhorse function for eegR-summary methods
sweepMatrixFast replacement for 'sweep'
tanovaTopographical ANOVA (TANOVA) and related methods
tfceFnLow-level TFCE function which calls C++ code
tfceParamsSetting the parameters for TFCE correction
theme_ndysHelper function to create customized ggplot2 theme
topoCoordCompute projections for plotting scalp topographies
transformArrayData preparation mainly aimed at facilitating plotting in...
TtestWorkhorse functions of arrayTest
warpCompute time-warping weights
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