Man pages for tekknosol/glimmr
Gas Fluxes and Dynamic Chamber Measurements

analyzerGas analyzer setup
analyzer_GASMETGASMET setup
analyzer_LosGatosLosGatos setup
axis.flux.co2Label ggplot2 axis according to temporal scale of gasflux
calc_k600Returns the gas transfer velocity (k600)
calc_kHReturns Henry's constant for gas of interest
calc_kWReturns the gas transfer coefficient for gas of interest...
calc_SNCalculate Schmidt Number
day2secPerforms unit conversion for gas fluxes
gasmetGASMET Flux measurement with three entries.
glimmr-packageglimmr: Gas Fluxes and Dynamic Chamber Measurements
inspect_gasmetShow diagnostic plots for every chamber measurement
losgatosLosGatos Flux measurement with three entries.
meta_gasmetMetafile for GASMET measurement.
meta_losgatosMetafile for LosGatos measurement.
process_chamberCalculate gasfluxes from dynamic chamber measurement
read_gasmetRead a GASMET file.
read_losgatosRead a LosGatos file.
trimmerFunctions to modify interval between start and end of chamber...
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