Man pages for tera-insights/gtBase
R Interface for the Grokit System

AskPrompts for user input.
attributesModel Attributes
basicBasic GLAs
BernoulliBernoulli Sampling
bloomFilterCounting with a Bloom Filter
BloomFilterCounting using a Bloom Filter
convert.typeTypes in R Grokit.
CountNumber of Rows in a Waypoint.
countDistinctCount Distinct Elements
CountDistinctCount Distinct Combinations
CreateCreate and Delete Relations.
dataAbstract Data Objects
DistinctRemove Duplication Combinations
expressionLiteral Expressions in Grokit
extremeExtreme Tuples
ExtremeTuplesExtreme Tuples
filterFiltering data
generateAttribute Creation
groupbyGroup By
GroupByCompute Aggregates of Data Subsets
inputData Input
LoadLoad a relation.
medianFinding Median Values
MultiplexerCompute Multiple Aggregates Simultaneously
orderbyOrder By
OrderByOrder By
ReadCSVRead a text file.
resultExtracting Results
sub-.dataBasic Filtering of Waypoints
summaryComputing Summary Statistics
univariateUnivariate Statistics
waypointAbstract Data Objects
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