Man pages for teramonagi/dpurifyr
A Practical Way for Data Preprocessing using R

applyApply preprocessing object to new data (tbl)
convertConvert data.frame to various format
dpurifyr-packagedpurifyr: A practical way for data preprocessing
encode_countReplace labels with their count in the data set
encode_labelEncode labels with value
encode_onehotEncode categorical data using a one-hot aka one-of-K scheme
print.preprocessed_dataPrinting Preprocessing object
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
scale_minmaxScaling to a given range.
scale_standardStandardizing tbl
split_dateSplit date object into 4 components(year, month, day and the...
split_datetimeSplit date object into 8 components(year, month, day, the day...
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