Man pages for teramonagi/fitbitr
Provides Access to Fitbit API

activity_typesActivity Types
add_alarmAdd alarm
add_favorite_activityAdd Favorite Activity
delete_activity_logDelete Activity Log
delete_alarmDelete Alarm
delete_body_fat_logDelete Body Fat Log
delete_favorite_activityDelete Favorite Activity The Delete Favorite Activity removes...
delete_sleep_logDelete Sleep Log
delete_weight_logDelete Weight Log
get_activity_goalsGet Activity Goals
get_activity_intraday_time_seriesGet Activity Intraday Time Series Access to the Intraday Time...
get_activity_logs_listGet Activity Logs List
get_activity_TCXGet Activity TCX Note: Since this is a beta feature, Fitbit...
get_activity_time_seriesActivity Time Series
get_activity_typeGet Activity Type
get_alarmsGet Alarms
get_body_fat_logsGet Body Fat Logs
get_body_goalsGet Body Goals
get_body_time_seriesGet Body Time Series
get_daily_activity_summaryGet Daily Activity Summary
get_devicesGet Devices
get_favorite_activitiesGet Favorite Activities
get_frequent_activitiesGet Frequent Activities
get_heart_rate_intraday_time_seriesGet Heart Rate Intraday Time Series
get_heart_rate_time_seriesGet Heart Rate Time Series
get_lifetime_statsGet Lifetime Stats
get_recent_activity_typesGet Recent Activity Types
get_sleep_goalGet Sleep Goal
get_sleep_logsGet Sleep Logs
get_sleep_time_seriesGet Sleep Time Series
get_weight_logsGet Weight Logs
log_activityLog Activity
log_body_fatLog Body Fat
log_sleepLog Sleep
log_weightLog Weight
oauth_tokenGenerate an oauth token for fitbit
update_activity_goalsUpdate Activity Goals
update_alarmUpdate Alarm
update_body_fat_goalUpdate Body Fat Goal
update_sleep_goalUpdate Sleep Goal
update_weight_goalUpdate Weight Goal
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