Man pages for teramonagi/oandar
R wrapper for the [OANDA REST API](

account_informationGet account information
accountsGet accounts for a user
close_orderClose an order
close_positionClose an existing position
close_tradeClose an open trade
create_orderCreate a new order
generate_oandaGenerate OANDA class object for a connection to OANDA
helloHello, World!
instrument_historyRetrieve instrument history
instrument_listGet an instrument list
modify_orderModify an existing order
modify_tradeModify an existing trade
order_informationGet information for an order
ordersGet orders for an account
position_listGet a list of open positions
priceGet current prices
streaming_eventEvents Streaming
streaming_priceRates Streaming
trade_informationGet information on a specific trade
trade_listGet a list of open trades
transaction_historyGet transaction history
transaction_history_allGet full account history
transaction_informationGet information for a transaction
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