Man pages for tesselle/arkhe
Representation of Archaeological Data

AbundanceMatrix-classArchaeological Data
arkhe-packagearkhe: Representation of Archaeological Data
assignAssign a specific row/column to the column/row names
check-attributeCheck Object Attributes
check_classClass Diagnostic
check-dataCheck Data
check-graphCheck Graph
check-matrixCheck Matrix
check-numericCheck Numeric Values
check-typeCheck Data Types
CompositionMatrix-classRelative Frequency Matrix
confidenceConfidence Interval for a Mean
countCount values according to a given predicate
CountMatrix-classAbsolute Frequency Matrix
DataMatrixData Matrix
detectFind values according to a given predicate
IncidenceMatrix-classIncidence Matrix
jackknifeJackknife Estimation
mutatorsGet or Set Parts of an Object
OccurrenceMatrix-classCo-Occurrence Matrix
predicate-graphGraph Predicates
predicate-matrixMatrix Predicates
predicate-numericNumeric Predicates
predicate-scalarScalar Type Predicates
predicate-trendNumeric Trend Predicates
predicate-typeType Predicates
predicate-utilsUtility Predicates
removeRemove values according to a given predicate
replaceData Replacement
StratigraphicMatrix-classStratigraphic Matrix
subsetExtract or Replace Parts of an Object
summaryObject Summaries
validateValidate a Condition
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