Man pages for thaos/FARg
FAR estimation

boot_farboot_far generic.
boot_pboot_p generic.
compute_parcompute_par generic
gauss_fitFit a time serie as independent gaussians.
get_farget_far generic.
get_pget_p generic.
gev_fitFit a time serie with a GEV distribution .
gpd_fitFit a time serie with a GPD distribution .
plot.gauss_fitPlot diagnostics for an gauss_fit object
plot.gev_fitPlot diagnostics for an gev_fit object
plot.gpd_fitPlot diagnostics for an gpd_fit object
print.gpd_fitPrint the optimisation results of the fit.
prof_farCompute Confidence Intervals for the FAR using the profile...
prof_pCompute Confidence Intervals for the the probability of...
refitrefit generic.
select_threshSelect threshold from tcplot output.
set_pntCreate a point.
tasEuropean and global summer mean temperature anomalies from...
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