Man pages for tharte/tutils
Thomas's utility functions to make life easier

absolute_pathGet the absolute path of a file name
assertAsserts that the condition(s) is true
bind_to_envBind an object to an environment
capitalizeCapitalize first character words in a string
col_classesGet column classes in 'data.frame'
copyCopy elements of a list
copy_varsCopy variables from one environment to another environment
cut_systemUse system 'cut' (*NIX) only
equal_tolCheck that objects are equal to within some numerical...
firstExtract first / last object
get_diffCompute the difference of values in vector
get_file_extGet file extension
get_returnCompute (simple net) return of values in vector
get_ticker_from_BloombergGet ticker from Bloomberg. '%in%'
grep_systemUse system 'grep' (*NIX) only
htReturns the head and tail part of an object
is_blankchecks if a string is blank
is_DateCheck if the object is of class 'Date'
is_evenChecks for even / odd number
is_not_applicableFinds strings matching N/A
is_try_errorCheck for try-error
is_whitespaceFinds strings that are purely whitespace
is_yearmonCheck if the object is of class 'yearmon'
load_asReload a single object written with the function save
match_colFind row-col location of a search string in 'data.frame'
order_cnRe-order named columns to front or back of 'data.frame'
plusOpen up a 'tibble' (or similar) 'data.frame'
push_backAppends an object to the back of a list
put_varPut a variable(s) into a specified 'environment'.
rbind_padAlternative to 'plyr::rbind.fill' which can be...
remove_fromRemove all columns or rows from 'data.frame' matching...
save_zooSave zoo object to named extension file
set_fnsCumulative set functions.
sort_dfSort a data.frame by column
to_ISO_8601Coerce character strings to the Date class
top_dirSet the top-level directory for a system
trimTrim whitespace
tutils_packagetutils: Thomas's utility functions to make life easy (or...
whosList objects in an environment
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