Man pages for thebioengineer/tidytuesdayR
Access The Weekly TidyTuesday Project Dataset

download_readutility to assist with 'reading' urls that cannot normally be...
get_tt_htmlGet TidyTuesday URL and HTML
identify_delimIdentify potential delimeters of file
print.tt_dataprint utility for tt_data objects
print.tt_dataset_tableprint utility for tt_dataset_table object
print.tt_dataset_table_listprint utility for tt_dataset_table_list object
readmeReadme HTML maker and Viewer
read_rdautility to load RDA with out using assigned name in envir
tt_availableShow all TidyTuesdays
tt_datasetsAvailable datasets
tt_loadLoad TidyTuesday data from Github
tt_load_ghLoad TidyTuesday data from Github
tt_make_urlgiven inputs generate valid TidyTuesday URL
tt_read_dataReads in TidyTuesday datasets from Github repo
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