virustotal: R Client for the VirusTotal Public API 2.0

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Use VirusTotal, a Google service that analyzes files and URLs for viruses, worms, trojans etc., provides category of the content hosted by a domain from a variety of prominent services, provides passive DNS information, among other things.

As of June, 2016, Public API 2.0 had the following rate limits:

| Unit of time | Rate Limit | | ------------- | --------------------- | | Minute | 4 requests/minute | | Day | 5760 requests/day | | Month | 178560 requests/month |

See for more information.


To get the current released version from CRAN:


To get the current development version from GitHub:

devtools::install_github("themains/virustotal", build_vignettes = TRUE)


To learn about how to use the package, read the vignette. Or launch the vignette within R:

# Using virustotal
vignette("using_virustotal", package = "virustotal")


Scripts are released under the MIT License.

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