Man pages for theoldfather/KaggleR
Kaggle R Tools

ac'ac' Cast as character
adf'adf' Cast as a data.frame
adt'adt' Cast as a data.table
ai'ai' Cast as integer
am'am' Cast as a matrix
aM'aM' Cast as a Matrix
an'an' Cast as numeric
aspM'aspM' Cast as a sparse Matrix
coalesceCoalesce values
count.naCount Missing values
count.nnaCount Non-missing values
fill.fReplace conditional on given function
fill.infReplace Inf
fill.naReplace Na
fill.nanReplace NaN
helloHello, World!
mseMean Squared Error
nxmNxM matrix of values
nxnNxN matrix of values
onesNxN matrix of 1s
rmsleRoot Mean Squared Log Error
sigmoid'sigmoid' Rescales on the sigmoid
steady_state'steady_state' Steady State Convergence
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