Man pages for therimalaya/envelope
Computing Envelope Estimators in Multivariate Linear Regression

boot.envBootstrap for env
boot.penvBootstrap for penv
boot.xenvBootstrap for xenv
contrContraction matrix
cv.envCross validation for env
cv.penvCross validation for penv
cv.xenvCross validation for xenv
envFit the envelope model
envMUEstimate the envelope subspace
expanExpansion matrix
fiberpaperPulp and Paper Data
GEGaussian elimination
penvFit the partial envelope model
predict2.envEstimation or prediction for env
predict.envEstimation or prediction for env
predict.penvEstimation or prediction for penv
predict.xenvEstimation or prediction for xenv
testcoef.envHypothesis test of the coefficients of the envelope model
testcoef.penvHypothesis test of the coefficients of the partial envelope...
testcoef.xenvHypothesis test of the coefficients of the envelope model
u.envSelect the dimension of env
u.penvSelect the dimension of penv
u.predict2.envSelect the dimension of the constructed partial envelope for...
u.xenvSelect the dimension of xenv
wheatproteinWheat Protein Data
xenvFit the envelope model in predictor space
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