Man pages for thevaachandereng/bayesCT
Simulation and Analysis of Adaptive Bayesian Clinical Trials

analysisAnalysis wrapper function
beta_priorBeta prior for for control and treatment group
binomial_analysisAnalyzing a Bayesian trial for binomial counts
binomialBACTBinomial counts for Bayesian adaptive trials
binomialdataBinomial dataset for analyzing adaptive Bayesian trials
binomial_outcomeProportion of an event in control and treatment
data_binomialData file for binomial analysis
data_normalData file for continuous (normally distributed) data analysis
data_survivalData file for survival analysis
enrollmentSimulating enrollment dates
enrollment_rateEnrollment rate wrapper
gamma_priorGamma prior for for control and treatment group
historical_binomialHistorical data for binomial distribution
historical_normalHistorical data for normal distribution
historical_survivalHistorical data for survival analysis
hypothesisHypothesis wrapper
imputeImputation wrapper
normal_analysisAnalyzing Bayesian trial for continuous (normally...
normalBACTNormal distribution for Bayesian Adaptive trials
normaldataGaussian dataset for analyzing adaptive Bayesian trials
normal_outcomeParameters for treatment and control in continuous (normally...
pipePipe operator
pw_exp_imputeImputes time-to-event outcomes.
pw_exp_simSimulates time-to-event outcomes.
randomizationRandomization allocation
randomizeRandomization scheme wrapper
simulateSimulation wrapper for binomial and normal
study_detailsDetails of the clinical study
survival_analysisAnalyzing Bayesian trial for time-to-event data
survivalBACTTime-to-event outcome for Bayesian Adaptive trials
survivaldataTime-to-event dataset for analyzing adaptive Bayesian trials
survival_outcomePiecewise constant hazard rates and the cutpoint for control...
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