Man pages for thiloshon/Biodiversity

addPartitionAdd grouping partition
addPartitionToLeafUtility function to add node to the leaf
applyPartitionsApply partitions of the partition tree to the data
center_of_the_country_coordinates_flagFlag records with coordinates of center of the country
coordinate_negated_flagFlag records with coordinates to be corrected to match...
coordinate_precision_outofrange_flagFlag records with incorrect coordinatePrecision
coordinates_decimal_mismatchFlag coordinates with decimal points mismatch.
country_code_unknown_flagFlag records with unidentified country codes / country
country_coordinate_mismatch_flagFlag records with coordinates mismatching country
county_coordinate_mismatch_flagFlag records with contradicting county to the coordinates
depth_out_of_range_flagFlag records with incorrect depth
first_of_year_flagFlag records with dates set to first day of the year
format_checkingInternal function to check validity of input GBIF dataset
gbif_issues_flagFlag records with GBIF Issues
georeference_post_occurrence_flagFlag records georeferenced after the event date
georeference_protocol_flagFlag questionable georeference protocol records
georeference_verification_status_flagFlag unverified georeferenced records
getPartitionsUtility function to return all partition paths
identified_pre_event_flagFlag records with incorrect event date, identification date...
impropable_identified_date_flagFlag records with incorrect identification date.
invasive_flagsFlag records with species that are invasive.
listPartitionsView all partitions added
locality_coordinate_mismatch_flagFlag records with contradicting locality to the coordinates
native_flagsFlag records with species that are not native to a...
occurrence_establishment_flagFlag records with questionable occurance status or...
precision_uncertainty_mismatch_flagFlag records with swapped precision and uncertainty
repeating_digitsFlag repeating digits
resolveCoordinatesResolve coordinates
resolve_taxon_inspectSummarize time needed to run resolve_taxonrank
resolve_taxonrankResolve taxonranks
runQuickCheckRun a questionnaire to get user preferences.
stateProvinceCoordinateMismatchFlagFlag records with contradicting stateProvince to the...
uncertainty_outofrange_flagFlag records with incorrect coordinateuncertainity
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