RcppGraphChi: R interface to GraphChi

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This package is in very beginning stage (Just one SVD function). Much more work should be done before release.

GraphChi is a spin-off of the GraphLab-project from the Carnegie Mellon University. It is based on research by Aapo Kyrola and his advisors.

GraphChi can run very large graph computations on just a single machine, by using a novel algorithm for processing the graph from disk (SSD or hard drive).

In some cases GraphChi can solve bigger problems in reasonable time than many other available distributed frameworks. GraphChi also runs efficiently on servers with plenty of memory, and can use multiple disks in parallel by striping the data.

GraphChi is implemented in plain C++, and available as open-source under the flexible Apache License 2.0.

You can find the source code from the official repo.

GraphChi provides a wonderful opportunity to solve the memory bottleneck in R, which reads all data into memory by default.

RcppGraphChi is based on Rcpp and RcppEigen.

Testing datasets download link:

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