Man pages for thl-mjv/euromomo
EuroMoMo algorithm

addconditionsCreate condition variables and add them to the dataset
addMetaDataFunction to add meta data.
addweeksCreate week variable and trend variable
baselineCalculate baseline
checkBeforePushSimple check function before pushing.
checkOptionsChecking of the euromomo options.
delayDelay correction
delay.nbR function for delay corretion based on negative binomial...
delay.poissonDelay correction, Poisson version
df2ReportingTriangleExtract reporting triangle from 'data.frame'
diagnostic.plotsR function plotting histograms and scatter plots of data,...
directoriesCreate the needed directories
excessExcess estimation
holidayManage the holiday files
ISOseasonStartFunction that calculates the start of the season
ISOwoyExtract WOY from an YYYY-WXX representation.
ISOyearFunction to extract the year of a YYYY-WXX representation.
makeGroupsCreate group columns in the data frame.
na.0Simple example function
outputGenerate outputs from the EuroMomo algorithm
parseDefaultsFileFunction to parse a EuroMOMO specification file.
plotDelayShow the delay as a function of time.
plotDelayDiagnostics2FileA function combining the plotDelay and plotDelay quantile...
plotDelayQuantilesIllustrate empirical delay distribution.
plothistfunction for plotting histograms, called from within the main...
plotscatterfunction for scatter plots, called from within the main...
plotspectrumfunction for plotting periodograms (spectral densities on the...
readmomofileFunction to read a file with individual case data from file.
rT2DataFrameTurn a triangle into a data.frame
verticalLineSDEDraw vertical line indicating start of the delay estimation.
writeHUBFilesWrite final output to HUB compatible files.
zscoreAppend zscores to the EuroMoMo data
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