Man pages for thl-mjv/momoStan
Bayesian analysis for the European Euromomo project using Stan

amomoStanA bayesian version of the A-MOMO algorithm
fimomodataFinnish mortality data
flumomoStanA bayesian version of the FluMOMO algorithm
momoCalendarA calendar of weeks
momoEffectsExtract interesting information from a fit
momoMondayDate of Monday
momoSeasonCalculate the season from a date
momoSinSinusoidal covariates
momostan1run simple Stan analysis
momoStan-packageBayesian analysis for the European Euromomo project using...
momoStanPlotDataPlot methods for momoStanEffs
momoTrendA trend effect from a date
na.0Replace missing values with zeroes
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