Man pages for thomas-hinterecker/Ragbu
This package includes useful functions for data analysis in cognitive science

as.factorsFactorize variables
ezAnalysisCompute ANOVA, LMM, or t-test
lsmeans_outFormat LSMEANS Output
normDataWithinNormalize within-group data
plotresiduals.aovPlot AOV Residuals
plots.addAdd to Plots
plots.getGet Plot
plots.listList Plots
results.addAdd to Results
results.getGet Result
results.listList Results
rm.outlierRemove Outliers in Data Frame
subsets.addAdd to Data Subsets
subsets.getGet Subset
subsets.listList Subsets
summarySESummarizes data
summarySEwithinSummarize within-subjects data
theme_apaAPA Theme for ggplot
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