Man pages for thomasWeise/literatureAndResultsGen
A code/data generator package that can be used to build and validate code and data for R packages for presenting literature and results an Instance Data Frame by Adding the Best-Known...
create.columnCreate a Column Descriptor
create.columnsCreate a Set of Column Descriptors along with Auto-Generated...
create.standard.meta.columnsCreate the Standard Meta-Data Column Set
create.standard.result.columnsCreate the Standard Result Column Set
create.stat.columnsCreate Names and Conditions for Statistics Columns
generate.loader.functionsGenerate All Code Necessary for Fully Loading, Expanding, and... R Code for a Function which can Expand a Result Data... a Function that can Load a Result Data Frame from a... R Code for a Function which can Check a Result Data...
generate.result.load.all.functionGenerate Code to Load All Result Data and Create a Data Frame
join.columnsMerge Several Sets of Columns an Markdown Style References
make.r.doc.referencesGenerate an R-Documentation Style References Section
make.readme.tocNumber the Sections in a File and Create a Table of...
make.references.textGenerate an References List
read.bibliographyGenerate a Bibliographic List from a BibTeX File to convert a numeric vector to an integer vector
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