Man pages for thomasWeise/regressoR.functional
An R Package for Fitting Functional Models to 2-Dimensional Data

as.characterConvert a 'FittedFunctionalModel' to a String a 'FittedFunctionalModel' to a String
FittedFunctionalModel-classA Fitted Functional Model
FittedFunctionalModel.finalizeFinalize a Fitted Functional Model
FittedFunctionalModel.newHelper Method to Create a Fitted Functional Model
FunctionalModel.defaultLearnersGet the Default Learners
FunctionalModel.fitFit the Given Model Blueprint to the Specified Data CMA-ES to Optimize the Parameters Differential Evolution to Optimize the Parameters Derivative-Free Local Searches to Optimize the Parameters the L-BFGS-B Algorithm from the 'optim' Method of the... Powell's BOBYQA Approach to Optimize the Parameters a the Standard Non-Linear Least Squares Approach from... a Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm to Fit a Functional... the 'optim' Method from the 'stats' Package for Fitting a... the 'psoptim' Method from the 'pso' Package for Fitting a... the Given Model Blueprint to the Specified Data
FunctionalModel.makeLearnersCreate Learners for the Given Set of Models
FunctionalModel.monotonousLearnersGet the Default Learners for Monotonously Decreasing Models a 'TransformedFittedFunctionalModel' to a String
TransformedFittedFunctionalModel-classA Functional Model Fitted on Transformed Data
TransformedFittedFunctionalModel.finalizeFinalize a Fitted Transformed Functional Model
TransformedFittedFunctionalModel.newHelper Method to Create a Transformed Fitted Functional Model
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