Man pages for thomasWeise/regressoR
An R Package for Fitting Models to 2-Dimensional (x-y) Data

batchPlot.RegressionResultsPlot all the Curves from a Data Set together
RegressionResult-classA Regression Result
RegressionResult.newHelper Method to Create an Instance of 'RegressionResult'
regressoR.batchLearnApply the Regression Learning to a Directory of Data and...
regressoR.defaultLearnersGet the Default Learners for Regression of 2-Dimensional Data
regressoR.learnLearn a Regression Model from the Given Data Set
regressoR.learnForExportLearn a Model for Export
regressoR.loadResultLoad a Result Stored by 'regressoR.batchLearn'
regressoR.monotonousLearnersGet the Default Learners for Monotonous Regression of...
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