Man pages for thomasgstewart/ahsqc
Functions Specific to AHSQC Operations

ahs_get_dataGet AHSQC data
ahsqc_labelCreates a label or shows label
binary_entryCreates a binary entry for a table
cat_entryCreates a categorical entry for a table
chi_approxMuffles warning for 'chisq.test'
cont_entryCreates a continuous entry for a table
empty_entryCreates an empty entry in table
empty_pvalueReturns empty string for pvalue
formatpctFormat 2x2 table for html
garbage_pvalueReturns pvalue format with NV specification
generate_standard_tablesGenerate standard AHSQC tables
generate_standard_tables_countGenerate standard AHSQC tables
get_ORACLE_formulaGet ORACLE formula
get_outCreates an empty data frame
get_standard_tableGet an individual standard table for AHSQC
get_standard_table_inguinalGet an individual standard table for inguinal patients for...
n_uniqueCreates an entry with number of unique observations
rand_identifierMap an ID variable to randomly generated IDs
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