Man pages for tidymodels/applicable
A Compilation of Applicability Domain Methods

ames_newRecent Ames Iowa Houses
apd_hat_valuesFit a 'apd_hat_values'
apd_pcaFit a 'apd_pca'
apd_similarityApplicability domain methods using binary similarity analysis
applicable-packageapplicable: A Compilation of Applicability Domain Methods
autoplot.apd_pcaPlot the distribution function for pcas
autoplot.apd_similarityPlot the cumulative distribution function for similarity...
binaryBinary QSAR Data
okc_binaryOkCupid Binary Predictors
scoreA scoring function
score.apd_hat_valuesScore new samples using hat values
score.apd_pcaPredict from a 'apd_pca'
score.apd_similarityScore new samples using similarity methods
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