Man pages for tidymodels/embed
Extra Recipes for Encoding Predictors

add_woeAdd WoE in a data frame
dictionaryWeight of evidence dictionary
is_tf_availableTest to see if tensorflow is available
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
required_pkgs.embedS3 methods for tracking which additional packages are needed...
solubilityCompound solubility data
step_discretize_cartDiscretize numeric variables with CART
step_discretize_xgbDiscretize numeric variables with XgBoost
step_embedEncoding Factors into Multiple Columns
step_feature_hashDummy Variables Creation via Feature Hashing
step_lencode_bayesSupervised Factor Conversions into Linear Functions using...
step_lencode_glmSupervised Factor Conversions into Linear Functions using...
step_lencode_mixedSupervised Factor Conversions into Linear Functions using...
step_pca_sparseSparse PCA Signal Extraction
step_pca_sparse_bayesSparse Bayesian PCA Signal Extraction
step_umapSupervised and unsupervised uniform manifold approximation...
step_woeWeight of evidence transformation
tunable_embedtunable methods for embed
woe_tableCrosstable with woe between a binary outcome and a predictor...
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