Man pages for tidyverse/haven
Import and Export 'SPSS', 'Stata' and 'SAS' Files

as_factorConvert input to a factor.
labelledCreate a labelled vector.
labelled_spssLabelled vectors for SPSS
print_labelsPrint the labels of a labelled vector
read_dtaRead and write Stata DTA files.
read_sasRead and write SAS files.
read_spssRead SPSS ('.sav', '.zsav', '.por') files. Write '.sav' and...
read_xptRead and write SAS transport files
tagged_na"Tagged" missing values
zap_emptyConvert empty strings into missing values.
zap_formatsRemove format attributes
zap_labelZap label
zap_labelsZap labels
zap_missingZap special missings to regular R missings
zap_widthsRemove display width attributes
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