Man pages for tidyverse/modelr
Modelling Functions that Work with the Pipe

add_predictionsAdd predictions to a data frame
add_predictorsAdd predictors to a formula
add_residualsAdd residuals to a data frame
bootstrapGenerate 'n' bootstrap replicates.
crossv_mcGenerate test-training pairs for cross-validation
data_gridGenerate a data grid.
fit_withFit a list of formulas
formulasCreate a list of formulas
geom_ref_lineAdd a reference line (ggplot2).
heightsHeight and income data.
model_matrixConstruct a design matrix
model-qualityCompute model quality for a given dataset
modelr-packagemodelr: Modelling Functions that Work with the Pipe
na.warnHandle missing values with a warning
permuteGenerate 'n' permutation replicates.
pipePipe operator
resampleA "lazy" resample.
resample_bootstrapGenerate a boostrap replicate
resample_partitionGenerate an exclusive partitioning of a data frame
resample_permutationCreate a resampled permutation of a data frame
seq_rangeGenerate a sequence over the range of a vector
simSimple simulated datasets
typicalFind the typical value
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