Man pages for tidyverse/readr
Read Rectangular Text Data

callbackCallback classes
clipboardReturns values from the clipboard
colsCreate column specification
col_skipSkip a column
count_fieldsCount the number of fields in each line of a file
datasourceCreate a source object.
date_namesCreate or retrieve date names
encodingGuess encoding of file
format_delimConvert a data frame to a delimited string
localeCreate locales
output_columnPreprocess column for output
parse_atomicParse logicals, integers, and reals
parse_datetimeParse date/times
parse_factorParse factors
parse_guessParse using the "best" type
parse_numberParse numbers, flexibly
parse_vectorParse a character vector.
problemsRetrieve parsing problems
read_delimRead a delimited file (including csv & tsv) into a tibble
read_delim_chunkedRead a delimited file by chunks
read_fileRead/write a complete file
read_fwfRead a fixed width file into a tibble
read_linesRead/write lines to/from a file
read_lines_chunkedRead lines from a file or string by chunk.
read_logRead common/combined log file into a tibble
read_rdsRead/write RDS files.
readr_exampleGet path to readr example
readr-packagereadr: Read Rectangular Text Data
read_tableRead whitespace-separated columns into a tibble
specExamine the column specifications for a data frame
spec_delimGenerate a column specification
tokenizeTokenize a file/string.
type_convertRe-convert character columns in existing data frame
write_delimWrite a data frame to a delimited file
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