Man pages for tiernanmartin/drakepkg
Demonstrate A Drake Workflow Package

copy_drakepkg_filesSave the Source Code Files of the 'drakepkg' Workflow
copy_pkg_filesSave the Source Code Files of a Packaged Drake Workflow
create_dir_linksCreate the Links to the Inst/ Directory
create_plotCreate a Plot of Iris Data
get_example_plan_externalAn Example of a Drake Plan (External Data)
get_example_plan_simpleAn Example of a Drake Plan
get_modified_timeGet the a File's Last Modification Datetime
make_iris_combinedMake Two Versions of Iris
make_iris_externalMake An Iris-like Dataset
make_with_beepMake a Beeping Plan!
osf_check_write_accessCheck OSF Write Access
osf_download_fileDownload OSF File
osf_get_file_versionGet OSF File Version Number
osf_upload_or_updateUpload/Update A File On OSF
pipePipe operator
utilsA set of generic helpful functions
write_reportWrite Report
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