Man pages for tiernanmartin/miscgis
A Collection of Functions and RStudio Add-ins for GIS Analysis in R

acsOrderOrder the observations of an acs object
coerce_geomA set of functions for working with sf objects
crsCoordinate reference systems
currency_convert_rateAn currency conversion function
drive_readRead a file from Google Drive.
drive_upload_objUpload a object in the Working Environment to Google Drive.
insertMakeShpObjectAddinAn RStudio add-in for inserting spatial data loading code
make_idMake a unique character string for anonymous record...
make_or_readRead or create a file
make_or_read2If a Drive file doesn't exist, get it
miscgisMiscellaneous GIS Tools
miscgis_palsMapping Color Palettes
myAcsPlotOrdered Dotplot with Error Bars
myLfltA pleasant leaflet basemap
myLfltGreyA subtle grayscale leaflet basemap
myLfltOptsOptions for styling a leaflet map
mySptlPolyDFConvert a SpatialPolygons object into a...
not-inNOT IN
over_sfAn sf implementation of sp::over()
parse_lookup_stringConvert a structured character string into a named vector.
print_paged_sfPrint sf objects with paged tables
setup_projectSet up a project directory
smart_roundRound a vector of numerics while preserving their sum
spClipClips a SP Object with Another SP Object
st_drop_geometryRead a file from Google Drive.
st_intersects_anyDo any spatial intersections exist?
st_nest_sfCreate an sf object with metadata contained in a nested...
styleWidgetPrepend CSS Styling to a HTML Widget
transpose_tibbleTranspose a 'tibble'
utilsA set of generic helpful functions
zip_pithyCompress files into a 'zip' archive (without folder...
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