Man pages for tierneyn/visdat
Preliminary Visualisation of Data

add_vis_dat_palAdd a specific palette to a visdat plot
all_numericAre there any numeric columns?
compare_printA utility function for 'vis_dat'
fingerprintA utility function for 'vis_dat'
guess_typeGuess the type of each individual cell in a dataframe
label_col_missing_pct(Internal) Create labels for the columns containing the %...
miss_guide_labelLabel the legend with the percent of missing data
typical_dataA small toy dataset of imaginary people
typical_data_largeA small toy dataset of imaginary people
vis_compareVisually compare two dataframes and see where they are...
vis_compare_lyInteractive vis_compare compare two dataframes to find...
vis_corCreate a correlation heatmap ggplot of all of the data
vis_create_(Internal) Create a boilerplate for visualisations of the...
vis_create_corCreate a correlation heatmap in ggplot2
vis_datVisualises a data.frame to tell you what it contains.
vis_dat_lyInteractive plot of data in plotly
vis_extract_value_(Internal) Add values of each row as a column
vis_gather_(Internal) Gather rows into a format appropriate for grid...
vis_gather_cor(Internal) create a tidy dataframe of correlations suitable...
vis_guessVisualise type guess in a data.frame
vis_guess_lyVisualise guess in a data.frame
vis_missVisualise a data.frame to display missingness.
vis_miss_lyInteractive plot of missingness in plotly
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