RandEM: Random Encounter Modelling in R

A package for estimating population densities and relevant parameters using Random Encounter Models (REMs).

Random Encounter Models allow the estimation of animal population densities and other ecological measures from camera trap data, for a given survey area. The REM can be applied equally to species which exhibit individually identifiable markings and those which do not. The method has been found to perform well when compared to other density estimaton techniques such as Distance sampling and, due to the nature of the data collection medium (i.e. camera traps) may be less demanding in terms of survey effort and allow for greater spatio-temporal analyses of population dynamics.

Here, we aim to produce a comprehensive toolkit for REM analyses in R.

We encourage anyone interested in contributing to get in touch. Contact ar.caravaggi at Gmail.



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Contributors are welcome to fork the package and suggest additions or improvements. If you would like to be included as a contributor, please let us know.

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