Man pages for timriffe/DDSQLtools
Wrappers for DemoTools Functions to Work with UNPD SQL Internal Data Format

check_valuesUtility functions for wrappers. Name and value checking, for...
controlOutputMsg2Print messages
DDSQLtools.dataDDSQLtools test data - Egypt 1976 - Population by age and sex
DDSQLtools-packageDDSQLtools: Wrappers for DemoTools functions to work with...
doCompareWrapper for Population Comparison
doHeapingWrapper for Age-Heaping Methods
doQualityChecksWrapper for Performing Age-Sex Male-Female Data Quality...
doSmoothingWrapper for Smoothing Populations in 5-year Age Groups
doSplittingWrapper for Age-Splitting Methods
formatOutputTablePrepare output table in wrap functions
is_OAGCheck whether the input data contains an open age interval
validateInputInternal function that validates the input in...
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