Man pages for tinyheero/tinyutils
Utility Functions to Assist With Data Analysis

fancy_scientificFancy Scientific Notation
format_matFormat Matrix
get_cols_by_namesGet Columns of Matrix by Column Name
get_gg_legendGet the Legend for ggplot
get_lower_upper_triGet Triangle of the Correlation Matrix
get_rows_by_namesGet Row of Matrix by Rowname
get_snv_read_countGet Nucleotide Read Counts
gg_color_hueGet the Default ggplot2 Color Palette
load_matLoad a Matrix
make_PA_matrixCreate a presence/asbence (PA) matrix
MakePAMatrixDeprecated Function
melt_gene_exprs_matMelt Gene Expression Matrix
plot_feature_sample_matPlot a Feature-Sample Matrix
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