Man pages for tjconstant/ultrafastMonkey
Misc Tools for work in Exeter University's Ultrafast Laser Lab

delay_scan_liveLive Plot of Ongoing Delay Scan
fit.ascFit Spectrum peak from Solaris ASCII output
fit_gaussianGeneric Fit Gaussian Function
four_wave_mixingFunction to calculate various four wave mixing parameters
label_scientific10Formatting for x10^n
labels_photonicsConvenient Labelling for Photonics Graphs
lfapplyApply a Function over a long-form dataset column by variable.
read.ascRead in an asc spectra file.
read.delay_scanQuick analysis and plot of time dynamics
read.timedynamicsTime Dynamics Plot
SPPdispersionExample Wavelength-Angle-Reflectivity Dataset
ultrafast_fluenceCalculation of Incident Fluence from a Pulsed Laser System
ultrafastMonkey-packageMisc Tools for work in Exeter University's Ultrafast Laser...
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