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Advent of Code 2017

aoc17_solutionsAdvent of Code 2017 solutions
day01Day 01: Inverse Captcha
day02Day 02: Corruption Checksum
day03Day 03: Spiral Memory
day04Day 04: High-Entropy Passphrases
day05Day 05: A Maze of Twisty Trampolines, All Alike
day06Day 06: Memory Reallocation
day07Day 07: Recursive Circus
day08Day 08: I Heard You Like Registers
day09Day 09: Stream Processing
day10Day 10: Knot Hash
day11Day 11: Hex Ed
day12Day 12: Digital Plumber
day13Day 13: Packet Scanners
day14Day 14: Disk Defragmentation
day15Day 15: Dueling Generators
day16Day 16: Permutation Promenade
day17Day 17: Spinlock
day18Day 18: Duet
day19Day 19: A Series of Tubes
day20Day 20: Particle Swarm
day21Day 21: Fractal Art
day22Day 22: Sporifica Virus
day23Day 23: Coprocessor Conflagration
day24Day 24: Electromagnetic Moat
day25Day 25: The Halting Problem
int_to_n_bitsConvert a vector of integers to a vector of strings of n...
keep_ifFilter values
ninA negated version of '\%in\%'
pipePipe operator
read_text_linesSplit and trim new-line-delimited string of values
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
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