Man pages for tjmahr/littlelisteners
Helper Functions for Hand-coded Eyetracking Data

adjust_timesAdjust looking times relative to some event
aggregating-looksAggregate looks
assign_binsAssign bins for downsampling looking data
assign_bins_vecAssign bin numbers to a vector
convert_datawiz_code_to_aoiConvert to DataWiz codes to AOI names
cycle_response_defCreate complementary response definitions
empirical_logitCompute empirical logit
four_image_dataExample data from a Visual World experiment
interpolate_looksAOI-based gaze interpolation
melt_datawizConvert DataWiz data into long format
pipePipe operator
read_datawizRead eyetracking data from a datawiz file
read_gazedataLoad a '.gazedata' file for an experiment
response-definitionCreate a response definition
se_propStandard error for proportions
trim_to_bin_widthTruncate times to fit bin width
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