Man pages for tjmahr/retrace
What the package does (one line)

compute_word_durationHow many timeslices are needed to encode a number of...
connectReciprocally connect two nodes
connect_ontoCreate one-way connection between pair of nodes
EdgeCreate a weighted connection
FeatureDetectorCreate a pool of mutually inhibitory nodes for all values in...
FeatureMatrixCreate an matrix to hold the feature values of an input word
FeaturePoolCreate a pool of feature detectors
fill_feature_matrixTODO set skirt-length as a parameter.
initialize_networkCreate a TRACE network
inject_key_valueInject a key-value pair into a list
NodeThe Node class
overlapDo two nodes overlap in time?
PhonemePoolCreate two sets of overlapping phonemes
phonemes861986 Phoneme definitions
plot_feature_inputPlot feature values
print.EdgeSimplified print
set_tailAppend an item onto a list
spread_generic_unitsSpread several units (dumb)
spread_many_unitsSpread several units (smart).
spread_phonemesCreate plan of how to spread phonemes over the two layers
spread_unitSpread a higher-order of unit
squishSquish values into a range
str_censorConvert all characters in a string to hyphens
str_inventoryMake an inventory of characters in a string
str_tokenizeConvert a string into a vector of characters
str_wrap_silenceAdd silence to start and end of word
summarize_poolGet the current state of a pool of units
visitVisit a Node over an Edge
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