Man pages for tjmahr/rprime
Functions for Working with 'Eprime' Text Files

as.EprimeFrameConvert a list into an EprimeFrame object
as.FrameListConvert a list of EprimeFrames into a FrameList object
EprimeFrameCreate an EprimeFrame object
extract_chunksExtract log-frames from an Eprime log file
filter_inFilter levels in or out of a FrameList based on attribute...
FrameListConvert lines from an Eprime file into EprimeFrame objects
keep_levelsFilter levels in or out of a FrameList based on Eprime.Level...
list_functionsHigher-order functions for dealing with lists
listifyConvert a vector of colon-separated text lines into a list of...
preview_eprimePreview the levels in a parsed Eprime file
read_eprimeRead in a text file generated by Eprime
rprimeFunctions for dealing with Eprime txt files
to_data_frameConvert Eprime Frames into data-frames
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