Man pages for tkatsuki/dipr
Digital Image Processing with R

branchDetection of branch points in a skeletonized image
cropCropping image
distmatCalculate distance matrics
embossImage embossing
endingDetection of end points in a skeletonized image
findPeaksFinding peaks
fmf2tifConvert fmf file format to tif format
FNCCTemplate matching
GaussianKernelGaussian Kernel
histogramHistogram of pixel intensitie
imgconvConversion between different file formats
LoGLoG calculation
medianfilterMedian filter
paddingPadding an image
projectionProjection of 3D data
pseudoColorMoment calculation
rainbowBarDraw a rainbow bar
raw2intA raw2int Function
raw2intC16 bit raw to integer conversion
raw2intR2 byte raw to integer conversion
raw2numraw to integer conversion
readAVIA readAVI Function
readFMFA readFMF Function
readLsmA readLsm Function
readTIFF2A readTIFF2 Function
rollmeanimgRolling mean calculation for images
rollmeanimgCImage roll mean
rollmedianimgRolling median calculation for images
rollmedianimgCImage roll mean
SADTemplate matching
scaleBarAdd a scale bar
sfeaturesMoment calculation
sfeaturesCExtract features
skewSkew transformation
ssweepFast sweep function
sweepCMultiply a number by two
thinningThinning and skeletonization
trackingObject tracking
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