Man pages for tkonopka/Rcssplot
Styling of Graphics using Cascading Style Sheets

printRcssDisplay properties encoded in an Rcss object
print.RcssShow basic information about an Rcss object
RcssCreate an Rcss style object
RcssablineAdd a style straight line to a plot
RcssarrowsAdd styled arrows to a plot
RcssaxisAdd a styled axis to a plot
RcssbarplotDraw a styled barplot
RcssboxAdd a styled box around a plot
RcssboxplotDraw a styled boxplot
RcssChangeModify an Rcss style sheet object
RcssChangePropertyValueModify an Rcss style sheet object
RcssCompulsoryClassVector holding set a compulsory Rcssclass
RcsscontourDraw a styled contour
RcssDefaultStyleDefault Rcssplot style sheet
RcssGetCompulsoryClassGet current state of compulsory Rcssclass
RcssGetDefaultStyleGet default Rcssplot style object
RcssGetPropertyValueExtracts a value for an Rcss property
RcssGetPropertyValueOrDefaultExtracts a value for an Rcss property
Rcssgrid##' Draw a styled grid
Rcsshist##' Draw a styled histogram
RcssjpegCreate a styled jpg figure
RcsslegendAdd a styled legend to aplot
RcsslinesAdd styled line segments to a plot
RcssmatplotAdd styled line segments to a plot
RcssmtextWrite styled text into a plot margin
RcssOverloadOverloads base graphics functions by their Rcssplot wrappers
RcssparSet styled parameters for base graphics
RcsspdfCreate a styled pdf figure
RcssplotCreate a styled plot
RcsspngCreate a styled png figure
RcsspointsAdd styled points to a plot
RcsspolygonDraw a styled polygon on a plot
RcssPropertyExtracts information about property and its value
RcssrectDraw styled rectangles on a plot
RcssstripchartDraw styled strip chart
RcsstextAdd styled text to a plot
RcsstitleAdd styled annotation to a plot
RcssValueExtracts a value from an Rcss object
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