Man pages for tkonopka/Rpipelines
Writing pipelines in R

attachLabelsAttach labels to vennobjects
avgcolCalculate an average from a vector of colors
avoidLatexSpecialChartakes an object, vector, or matrix as input if the object is...
catlogPrint a log message
catlogreturnPrint and return a log message
catvecPrint a vector, one item per line
checkVarsStopCompare vectors and report discrepancies
col2hexConvert colors into hex format
colDarkenModify a color by darkening
colLightenModify a color by lightening
compileLatexDocCompile a latex document and
fill.templatesFill-in a template with specific key-value pairs
getVennCreate a vennobject
getVennLims.vennobjectObtain xlim and ylim for vennobject
initProjectInitialize a directory structure for pipeline results
loadOneObjectLoad one R object from and Rda file
makeTempDirCreate a temporary directory
moveVennObjectdisplace the Venn diagram by a vector
plotPDFendTerminate writing into a PDF device.
plotPDFstartStart plotting into a PDF device
plotPSendTerminate writing into a PS device.
plotPSstartStart plotting into a PS device
print.vennobjectShow basic information about a vennobject
PSZA wrapper for paste()
read.templatesRead template objects from files
saveLatexTableSave a matrix as latex table
showColorsDisplay a set of colors on screen
spearmanRhoCompute Spearman rho from two vectors
spearmanRhoFromRanksCompute Spearman rho from ranks
val2hexConvert a value [0,1] into a hex code
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