Man pages for tlamadon/rutils
Some utility functions

close.gnuplotcloses a gnuplot object
clxClustered Regression standard errors for one way clustering
ddmergevmerges 2 data.frame using a formula example of formula is...
distcomputes normalized distance between 2 vectors error will...
getNormCopgenerates a Normal transition matrix using Gaussian copula
gnuplotcreates a gnuplot object
gp_meshgenerates a 3D mesh from matrix
gp_pipeallows to pipe commands to gnuplot object knot allocator for square basis functions
linear.maplinear mapping from [a,b] to [0,c]
loop.tickeruseful to quickly profile code
mclxClustered Regression standard errors for two way clustering
multiplotputs several plots in the same figure
nonlinear.mapnonlinear mapping from [a,b] to [0,c]
recover_onceallows to recover the error once! just call recover_once()...
renameanyrename anything in the table (columns or cells) you can...
rouwenhorstrouwenhorst discretization for AR1
rutilsUtility functions for R
showMemoryUsegets all obejcts with their sizes shamelessly copied from...
sim.markov.pathssimulate n paths of length ntime from markov transition...
spreadspread an array along a given dimension (similar to repmat in...
stationary.distObtain stationary distribution of transition matrix by...
tickeruseful to quickly profile code
var.sdVariance with standard error
wt.summaryWeighted mean and variance
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