Man pages for tlumip/swimr
Functions for Looking at Swim

add_lookupAdd a geographic facet lookup to a database
calc_exprateCalculate exponential growth rate
calc_grtCalculate the growth rate in a vector
calc_indexCalculate the indexed value of a vector
change_leafletLeaflet plot of change over time in one scenario.
change_popupBuild change popup tag for leaflet
compare_employmentCompare labor output between two scenarios
compare_floorspaceCompare floorspace over time
compare_gdpCompare GDP between two scenarios
compare_logsumsCompare logsums from two scenarios
compare_occupancyCompare occupancy in a scenario over time.
compare_sevarCompare population and employment
compare_tlfdCompare Trip Length Frequency Distributions
compare_tripsCompare Trips
compare_vhtCompare VHT between scenarios
compare_vmtCompare VMT between scenarios
compare_waprCompare workforce participation in two scenarios
county_controlsCounty control totals
cut_abserrorCut absolute differences into ranges
cut_diverrorCut divergins percent error into ranges
cut_errorCut percent error into ranges
cut_grtCut growth rates into ranges
diff_leafletLeaflet plot of difference between two scenarios.
diff_popupBuild diff popup tag for leaflet
discover_outlying_ratesDiscover outlying counties
employment_typesEmployment types
extract_employmentExtract employment statistics from scenario
extract_floorspaceExtract floorspace statistics from scenario
extract_gdpExtract GDP of Labor
extract_logsumsExtract destination choice logsums
extract_modelwideExtract model-wide composite utilities
extract_rentsExtract rent price
extract_seExtract SE data from DB
extract_tlfdExtract trip length frequency distribution data
extract_tripsExtract trips from scenario
extract_vhtExtract VHT
extract_vmtExtract VMT
extract_volumeExtract floorspace volume
extract_waprExtract labor force participation
extract_zonedataExtract se data for leaflet zone plots
extract_zonesGet zones geometry from the database
fac_typesFacility types
floor_typesFloor types
get_commute_timesCalculate trip times by residence region
get_countsGet counts table
get_levelsReturn all levels of a factor other than external stations
get_skimProcess skim values from one zone.
get_validation_tableGet comparison of link volumes to ATR count
historical_popHistorical county population
interpolate_exponentialExponentially interpolate around two data points
linksLink table
map_logsumsMap destination choice logsums from a single scenario
mode_typesConsolidated transport modes
multiple_employmentCompare Employment by sector across multiple scenarios.
multiple_floorspaceCompare floorspace by type across multiple scenarios.
multiple_gdpCompare GDP across multiple scenarios.
multiple_sevarCompare Population or Employment across multiple scenarios.
multiple_tripsPlot trips in multiple scenarios.
multiple_vmtCompare VMT between multiple scenarios
multiple_waprCompare WAPR across multiple scenarios.
pct_diffPercent difference between two conditions
plot_countcomparisonPlot base-year traffic validation.
plot_employmentPlot Employment by Sector
plot_floorspacePlot floorspace statistics over time
plot_gdpPlot the GDP contribution of Labor over time in a scenario
plot_historyPlot population with controls and historical data.
plot_logsumsPlot average logsums over time for a single scenario
plot_modelwidePlot model wide parameters.
plot_occupancyPlot occupancy in a scenario over time.
plot_ratesPlot annualized growth rates
plot_sevarMake a plot of population and employment
plot_tlfdPlot a trip length frequency distribution
plot_traffic_countPlot historical and projected traffic counts
plot_tripsPlot Trip productions
plot_vhtPlot VHT over time.
plot_vmtPlot VMT over time.
plot_waprPlot the labor force participation rate.
plot_wapr_volatilityPlot WAPR Volatility in a Region
pop_rateDetermine annualized population growth rates.
ref_countsReference counts
regionsRegions table
remove_fieldRemove a column from a database table
skim_leafletPlot a skim chloropleth
skim_popupBuild skim popup tag for leaflet
troubleshoot_aaAA Troubleshooter
yearly_summaryMake a yearly summary table of a land use variable
zone_leafletConstruct a base leaflet zone plot
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